Wuhan eStarPro won the King’s Glory Spring Championships

If a dark horse, can win six times, and three times in a row, then we can no longer use dark horse to describe them. 2022 King’s Glory Professional League (KPL) Spring Final 8 online battle, Wuhan eStarPro team swept Chongqing Wolves, taking the sixth championship in team history while completing the triple crown.
In 2021, with the introduction of champion players Huang Yaoqin (ID: Qing Rong) and Xiang Yang (ID: Zi Yang) from Nanjing’s Hero Jiujing team and Sun Linwei (ID: Tan Ran), Wuhan eStarPro showed their dominance in the KPL by winning back-to-back titles in the Fall 2021 and Challenger Cup, and then going all the way to the Finals in the Spring 2022. They won back-to-back championships in the fall of 2021 and Challenger Cup, and then advanced to the finals in the spring of 2022, finishing first in the winner’s bracket. eStarPro’s final opponent was Chongqing Wolves, a team that has won six times in its history, and this was the fourth time the two teams met in the finals, with Wolves winning the first three times. The two teams are the best overall teams in the spring season, and other opponents are basically unable to form a threat to them. The two teams have met four times in the spring season, with the Wolves winning three straight in the regular season, but it was eStarPro that won the winner’s bracket final in BO7 (seven-game, four-win system).Surprisingly, the final was one-sided. Chongqing Wolves were powerless in front of Wuhan eStarPro team’s invasive style of play. Three of the four games took less than 13 minutes, and the third game was even won by eStarPro in less than 10 minutes. After the match, Wuhan captain Luo Siyuan (ID: Huahai) said that the team’s unity was the main reason for the completion of the triple crown. After the Wuhan eStarPro team completed the triple crown, it tied with Chongqing Wolves as the six champions; Sun Linwei, who played an excellent side position, won the title of MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the finals.