Wuhan eStarPro wins the 2021 KPL Autumn Championship

On December 25th, the 2021 KPL Autumn Finals ended successfully in Suzhou. Guangzhou TTG and Wuhan eStarPro fought fiercely for 5 rounds. In the end, Wuhan eStarPro defeated the opponent with a score of 4:1 to win the championship, and won 10 points for the 2022 Glory of Kings World Championship (AWC) points. Wuhan eStarPro. Huahai was elected “MVP”.

Behind this glorious moment is a journey of ups and downs. eStar e-sports club was founded by xiaOt Sun Liwei, a well-known e-sports player in Wuhan, known as the “genius boy”. In 2016, eStarPro began to enter the unknown field of mobile e-sports. The first step of their pioneering road was to open the King’s Glory branch. This forward-looking decision won them the first place in the history of the King’s Glory professional event. The champions of the 2016 King’s Glory Champions Cup also made them the first professional team in the King’s Glory professional system to be crowded by audience fans.

The time has come to 2021, and the eStarPro in the spring competition is still widely optimistic, but the fatal mentality problem caused them to be defeated in the finals of the loser group. In the subsequent Glory of the Kings World Champions Cup, the original team played in half again. The finals, which seemed to cast a shadow over their entire year’s journey. Before the start of the autumn season, eStarPro ushered in an unprecedented transfer storm. The 10-man roster was replaced by 7 people, and the starting 5-member group even left 4 people. Such a large-scale personnel change has made them questioned, “How do so many newcomers adapt?” “Why do we need to rebuild on a large scale when the results are obviously good?” “How to distribute the voice of multiple commanding players?” Huge public opinion pressure is coming.



As an experienced team, eStarPro knows that if you want to prove that you can only speak with hard power, there is no better way to win except hard training and hard work. So when the starlight shines again in the Hubei Radio and Television 2000 studio, a brand new journey begins again. With less than a month of running-in, eStarPro won 5 consecutive victories in the first stage of this season, ranking first in Group S; the entire regular season only lost one game, tying the KPL King Glory Professional League record; the captain Huahai won the regular season MVP (Most Valuable Player), proving the strength of the entire team; in the playoffs, he even defeated the old enemy Foshan GK with his sword-like surprise attack and rock-solid coordinated defense. , Chongqing Wolves and Guangzhou TTG, filled the historical gap for the team in the last KPL autumn game, making regret a thing of the past. The united and resolute e-sports spirit of eStarPro has infected every audience and fan. Those once harsh doubts and ridicules have long been overwhelmed by cheers and shouts, and their paths of glory are waiting for them to continue to move forward.

The victory of eStarPro not only draws a successful conclusion to the vigorous development of Hubei e-sports in 2021, but also blew the clarion call for the entire industry to climb the peak in 2022. In recent years, the e-sports industry in Hubei has risen rapidly, and a large number of e-sports companies have sprung into the market. First-tier e-sports clubs, live broadcast platforms, event production teams and other industry pillars have begun to take root in the fertile soil of Hubei. At the same time, the Internet industry, advertising industry, film and television industry and other related industries have also actively cooperated to jointly open up an e-sports development model with Hubei characteristics. With the cooperation of forces in various fields, e-sports has become a brand new business card for people to understand Hubei.

It is reported that the 2021 KPL Autumn Tournament ended successfully. As the first point-point competition of the 2022 Glory of the Kings World Champions Cup (AWC), the successful holding of the finals of the Autumn Tournament is a solid step for Kings E-sports to enter the world.

(Sun Huizi Zhang Yunfei, correspondent of Hubei Radio and Television Financial Media News Center, Xiaowen, editor in charge)