“Three consecutive championship eStar Jun Travel Night” stunning Yangtze River “gaming + cultural tourism” burst a new spark

On the evening of June 17, the “Triple Crown eStar Night” event was held on board the “Grand Tour” cruise ship. The theme of “EStar Blue” and “Champion Gold” ran inside and outside the ship, lighting up the night sky of Yangtze River. The Wuhan eStarPro team, which recently won the “Triple Crown” of Glory of Kings, boarded the cruise ship together with young private entrepreneurs, e-sports netizens and e-sports star athletes in Hubei Province, and started the journey of “e-sports + cultural tourism”.

According to the introduction, the eSports project integrates technology, entertainment, culture, sports, tourism and other industries. In less than five months, Wuhan eStarPro team won the “triple crown”: on December 25 last year, Wuhan eStarPro won the championship of 2021 KPL King of Glory Professional League Autumn Tournament; on January 15 this year, the team won the championship of 2021 King of Glory Challenger Cup; on May 8, the team won the championship of 2022 KPL King of Glory Challenger Cup. On January 15 this year, the team won the 2021 King’s Glory Challenger Cup championship; on May 8, the team won the 2022 KPL King’s Glory Pro League Spring Tournament championship.

The “Triple Crown eStar Night” event was co-organized by the Wuhan Star Gaming Weiwu Group and the Wuhan Tourism and Sports Group, and the people in charge of both sides said that under the trend of booming digital economy, eSports is becoming a “super digital scene” with more possibilities. “In the future, both parties will actively link up with the community. In the future, the two sides will actively link resources from all walks of life, so that eSports can gradually break through the traditional entertainment and cultural functions, and release the energy of “super digital scene” to create a new development model in the fields of technology development, cultural heritage, smart tourism, real economy and social welfare.

Wuhan eStarpro Culture & Sports Development Co. The company has two star teams, Wuhan local gaming club “eStarpro” and Shenzhen “V5”, with over 100 professional players, and is one of the most sought-after gaming clubs in China. Currently, the company has built a comprehensive e-sports system covering all types of businesses, through club tournaments, offline tournaments and cultural activities, as well as MCN anchor guilds, combining content, traffic and offline experience to achieve a closed-loop industry ecology. To promote the cross-border integration of e-sports and urban cultural tourism development, to create a strong local e-sports cultural atmosphere to make positive exploration. In the future, StarGaming will continue to deepen the local regionalization cooperation and help Wuhan build a new business card as the “gaming capital”.

The cruise ship “Jun Travel”, the venue of the event, was invested by Wuhan Tourism and Sports Group, and is the first large all-electric commercial cruise ship in China, featuring low energy consumption, low noise, high comfort and high environmental protection. The “Triple Crown eStar Jun Travel Night” has taken a key step to make the “Jun Travel” a new image of “e-sports + cultural tourism” featuring digital live-action application scenes. (Hubei Daily full media reporter Cai Yi, correspondent Star competition)