Strategic cooperation! Hubei Social Sports Center and e-sports “giant” planning big things

Hubei Provincial Social Sports Management Center and Wuhan Star Competitive Weiwu Sports Development Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Han, the two sides will integrate resources, strengthen cooperation in the association, event operations and other aspects, and work together to accelerate the training of eSports reserve talent, inject new momentum, stimulate new vitality and achieve new breakthroughs for the high-quality development of eSports in Hubei.

Wuhan StarGaming Weiwu Culture and Sports Development Co. Ltd. was established in 2020 by the merger of two domestic e-sports clubs, Wuhan eStarpro and Shenzhen Weiwu, with main business of e-sports clubs, e-sports events and e-sports MCN. Headquartered in Wuhan Optics Valley, with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taicang and Hong Kong, the company has two star teams, Wuhan’s local e-sports club “eStarpro” and Shenzhen’s “V5”, and is the only e-sports company in China with a dual home base. It is the only e-sports company in China with dual home venues. The club currently has more than 100 professional players, and its PC and mobile gaming projects include League of Legends, King of Glory, Crossfire, QQ Speed, Call of Duty, etc. It has won the King of Glory Grand Slam and is one of the most sought-after gaming clubs in China. StarGaming Mighty Group’s subsidiaries also include MAG Studio Red Carp Culture, China’s leading e-sports meta-universe building company, and eStar Entertainment, China’s leading e-sports MCN company, dedicated to building the world’s most popular and valuable digital sports group, promoting the industry’s development and bringing joy and dreams to young people.

As a public welfare institution directly under the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, Hubei Provincial Social Sports Center is responsible for the overall management of 47 sports in the province, including eSports, sports dance, sports robotics, including traditional sports, outdoor sports, fitness exercises and dances, ball sports, science and technology sports, leisure sports and other 6 categories, and 16 sports associations, including the Hubei Provincial eSports Association. Conduct business guidance and daily supervision. According to the agreement, the two sides will further integrate resources and strive to build a new pattern of strategic cooperation of “resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual promotion and common improvement” to strengthen cooperation in national fitness, project development, association construction, event operation, talent training, industrial development, base construction, etc. to promote Hubei eSports To promote the healthy and orderly development of Hubei e-sports and help the construction of a strong sports province.

E-sports is an emerging sport that integrates technology, competition, entertainment and fashion, and is a healthy sport in the information age that is beneficial to cultivate useful talents in all-round development of morality, intelligence and physical fitness, and is also the largest sport industry that integrates technology industry, cultural industry, sports industry and media industry so far.

The signing is an important step for the two sides to strengthen high-level strategic cooperation, join hands to accelerate the training of eSports reserve talents, and jointly promote the development of eSports to a higher level, which is a true reflection of the intrinsic requirement to meet the diversified sports and fitness needs of the masses and meet the expectations of the masses for a high quality of life, as well as to popularize mass sports culture, strengthen the guidance of national fitness, create an atmosphere of a strong sports province, and strive to realize the “Hubei Province It is a vivid practice to popularize the mass sports culture, strengthen the national fitness guidance, create the atmosphere of a strong sports province, and strive to achieve the “Hubei Provincial Fitness Implementation Plan (2021-2025)” and the construction of a strong sports province. Luo Qiyi, deputy director of the provincial sports bureau, said: “The signing cooperation marks a new step in the development of eSports in our province, which is of great significance and far-reaching influence to further improve the level of eSports in our province, lead eSports, drive industrial development, and enhance the competitiveness and influence of eSports in our province on a national scale. ”

At the ceremony, Yan Hanhua, Director of Hubei Provincial Social Sports Center, and Sun Liwei, President and Club Chairman of Wuhan Xingjing Weiwu Culture and Sports Development Co. Afterwards, Luo Qiyi awarded the strategic partner plaque to both parties.

Before the signing ceremony, the leaders and guests who attended the event also visited Wuhan Xingjing Weiwu Culture and Sports Development Co.