Business Scope


Group 174

E-sports club operation

  1. Competition participation
  2. run business
  3. Discovery and Cultivation of Youth Athletes
Group 176

Digital Sports Content Services

  1. Organizing events
  2. Content production and live broadcast
  3. Home operation
  4. big data service

E-sports/pan-entertainment brokerage

  1. Game MCN business
  2. IP/brand licensing business
  3. Hosted commentary artist training
  4. E-commerce platform service provision

League seats

League Seats

The LPL is the highest level league of the Chinese League of Legends, and it is also the only channel from the Chinese mainland to the MSI (League of Legends Mid-Season Championship) and the League of Legends Global Finals. The LPL competition area is currently the top competition area with the best commercial value development among the 13 competition areas in the world, with a seat value of more than 200 million yuan . In 2021, the S11 Chinese team EDG won the championship, which has explosively increased the attention of LPL.

KPL is the highest level league of Chinese Kings Glory. The seats are worth more than 80 million yuan , and the KPL league is divided into spring/autumn seasons throughout the year, and can advance to the World Champions Cup. King of Glory DAU has exceeded 100 million , and the total prize pool of e-sports competitions exceeds 50 million yuan every year. The huge fan base has brought great attention and fan economy to KPL.

CFPL and CFML are the pioneers of the domestic PC and mobile FPS e-sports professional leagues, and they are also one of the most watched FPS e-sports competitions in China. The double-end professional league is held twice a year, with 10 teams facing off, bringing the most shocking viewing experience to the audience. At the same time, CFPL, CFML, Hundred Cities League and CFS World Finals together constitute a complete CF competition system.

QQ Speed Mobile Game S League (Speed League) is a top professional racing event based on Tencent’s first racing game “QQ Speed Mobile Game”.
Each season of QQ Speed Mobile Games S League is divided into four parts: preseason, regular season, playoffs and finals.

The Call of Duty Mobile Game Master League is the highest level league of China’s Call of Duty mobile games, and it is also the only channel for Chinese teams to compete in the World Championship. The league is held every year and is divided into three parts: regular season, playoffs and finals. The top two teams in the Masters will set sail to participate in the World Championships and win glory for the country together.