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Founded in 2014, eStar Gaming features several gaming divisions, including Wuhan eStarPro in Honor of Kings Division, QQ Speed Mobile division, Cross Fire Mobile division, and Call of Duty Mobile division. Since its establishment, the club's players have won many titles at top domestic and international tournaments, including the first gold medal in mobile esports at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, the champion of 2019 Honor of Kings World Championship Cup, the champion of 2021 Honor of Kings Pro League Autumn Tournament, the champion of 2022 Honor of Kings Challenger’s Cup Grand Final, and the champion of 2022 Honor of Kings KIC World Championship Cup.

eStar Honor of Kings division was introduced by Wuhan Tourism and Sports Group in 2019, and officially announced its home court in Wuhan, with the brand name “Wuhan eStarPro”. In December 2020, eStar Gaming and V5 Esports Club (now Ninjas in Pyjamas) formally merged in Wuhan to establish the ESVF Group, which has become the first and only comprehensive digital sports industry group with dual home courts (Wuhan eStarPro home court and Shenzhen NIP home court) in China.



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